Sunday, 5 August 2012

The Final Countdown

Here we are, in the home straight of our build up for the 2012 Junior World Track Championships. After a short-lived return home, and a few days to pedal the travel out of our legs, we arrived in the deep south today to begin the final two weeks of touch ups and amendments to our preparation. I found myself surprisingly unswayed by the dramatic change in temperature as I made yet another transition between seasons, and thankfully did not fall victim to the dreaded jet-lag, so I did not take long to adjust to home conditions and get back to turning the pedals over.

I am eager to get back on the boards, to see the results of our U.S. stint begin to show, and to soon be counting down the days til racing kicks off on two hands. It has been a somewhat shaky build-up at times, but with only a few weeks to go, the legs are coming through and the immune system is doing it's job, so there is nothing standing in our way.

Watching the Olympic Games unfold has been an extra push factor over the past week, and has sparked up a great deal of pride and inspiration inside us all. The Junior World Champs, after all, is just the start.



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