Monday, 23 July 2012

Getting Closer...

Time is flying by here! I have only five days till I'll be packing up my bags and beginning the journey home (however short a visit I'll be making there). I've had two good days of racing in the past week - the third was rained out, and replaced with the sort of erg session that draws one to tears - with track racing on Tuesday and the Lancaster Criterium on Saturday. The track racing got off to a hectic start, with my seat post clamp malfunctioning, and slipping down mid warm-up so I looked like I was riding a clown bike around in the paceline. After a panicked (and unsuccessful) attempt to fix it, I was thrown onto a completely different bike which was a few sizes too big for me. But knowing that I wouldn't have to take off my shoes and run around the track meant I was in no way complaining. Perhaps it was the adrenaline from such a dramatic start to the night, but I raced much better than the week before, and managed to pick up third equal in the omnium, as well as a massive ten dollars prize money (NZD$12.69). Lancaster Criterium was dominated by the kids in black and white, filling the podium in the women's race and taking out 1st and 2nd in the men's. Sophie and I managed to get a break and hold it for the last 5 or so laps, very much assisted by the blocking force made up of the rest of the girls, and Soph pipped me for 1st place in a very spectacular sprint finish (eh Soph). We also took out all six primes, though upon later reflection we decided they were really not worth contesting for. Particularly these.
I'm a bit shocked at how quickly this phase is drawing to it's end, but at the same time I'm looking forward to getting back to familiar territory and getting the last bits and pieces perfected for J-Dubs. It's been a long build-up, and all that's been on my mind for the last goodness-only-knows-how-long, so it's exciting (and a touch unsettling) to watch the Big Day edging it's way closer and closer. For now though, it's all about making the most of those days we have left.


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