Saturday, 9 June 2012

Back On My Bike!

After a few niggly sessions on the massage table, my afflictions have been righted, at long last. I was relieved, but a little frustrated, to hear that my chest pain was coming from a twisted rib-cage and sternum which lead to a whole lot of other less-than-ideal consequences (insert various physiotherapy jargon terms here) which I was obviously zoned out to as it was being thrown at me. I apoligise for my vagueness. But the conclusion is that the problem is more or less solved.

I decided, due to my do or die attitude at the time, to throw myself in the deep end and race yesterday, despite nearly two weeks spent mostly on the couch. I felt entitled to race it like a limpet - ie clinging to the rock-face that is the back of the bunch and very rarely showing my face anywhere else - as not to send my body into complete shock, and the chest thanked me for it (unlike the majority of A-grade) by doing what it's supposed to. So I can only assume from that that I am good to go.

Now for the panic training..

Stay tuned,


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